Monday, October 12, 2009

They're baaaaaaaack.....Sort of

By they, I mean Massive Attack, one of my favorite bands. As a prelude to their next album, the duo released an EP last Tuesday called Splitting the Atom. Here's an excerpt from my review of it for Consequence of Sound. You can read the whole thing here.
This brief collection contains all the hallmarks of classic Massive: ghostly vocals, behemoth bass, and crunchy sonic effects. On “Psyche,” the stunning collaboration with Topley-Bird, the marriage of the band’s atmospheric soundscape (loping percussion, dark synths) and the singer’s spooky vocals is breathtaking. It manages to exceed the inevitably high expectations accompanying the pairing of two trip-hop heavyweights. This is the song fans will obsess over – and one that’s bound to end up on more than a few film soundtracks
Of course, the band is working at its typically glacial pace, so who knows when the new album will be out. But Atom provides a nice teaser.

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