Monday, October 12, 2009

Letting it Be

Ever since I first began blogging in 2005, I've had an inferiority complex about my blog offerings (this is my third). Specifically, I've been insecure about the fact that my blog isn't about a particular subject (e.g., movies, gender issues). It's just whatever interests me at a given moment, or it's about shameless self promotion; or something I want to rant about.

And I was feeling guilty about that. For several reasons. For starters I'm a frequent reader of many well written and put together blogs - ones with lots more traffic than mine. Naturally, I think, if I'm going to be putting my voice and opinions out on the Internets, I should be doing so in a similarly coherent way.

Also, in the past, I've had certain readers of my previous blogs have subtly lamented its lack of cohesion. So this has made me self-conscious and led to feelings of guilt about not being a better blogger.

Yeah. So done with that shit. For one thing, feeling guilty and inadequate takes more time and energy than I currently have. Moreover, I considered the words of an author I interviewed who called her blog (one of the five oldest on the Internet) a "bricolage."

That's basically what I've got going and it ain't so bad. Even if it is, it's mine. My words. My voice. Take it or leave it, but I'm going to let it be.


  1. Yes! Amen to that! (Can you hear me clapping & other wise making noise in response?!) KUDO'S TO YOU! I blog for myself first and foremost! If You don't enjoy your own blog, what's the point?!

  2. Thank you! I just got tired of beating myself up for not being a good blogger.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of your blog :) Miss you!