Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where Have I Been?

This is always the line I say whenever I hear a piece of surprising news (e.g., "Sarah Palin got a show on FOX? Where have I been?").

But regarding where I've been since I've last posted,

1. I've been sick (with a sinus infection, or allergies, or something else. Question: If a doctor's visit is costing me $122, shouldn't he/she have a better-than-vague idea of what's wrong with me?)
2. I've been pre-occupied with work and other responsibilities, and as a result
3. I've been feeling largely beat down by life in general

So I have not felt much like posting. And, truthfully speaking, I still don't. I do not feel like doing much of anything. I decided to stop writing for Consequence of Sound. Though I loved doing it and genuinely appreciated the opportunity to contribute regularly, with my sometimes-crazy job hours, it was becoming difficult to do every week.

I am still doing ABE tutoring, in part, because that takes place on weekends, which are much more doable for me.

Otherwise, I am continuing to make good on my new year's resolution to read more and wear mor ribbons in my hair! But as for agitating to do something else with my life? Not so much. I am not having much confidence in my abilities at the moment. It is a sad, sad thing to come to the realization that the one talent God gave me (writing) isn't worth a damn in this world. Seriously. I'm not really sure how to come back from that realization.

But, to end on a positive note, Spring seems to have finally made its way to Chicago, as evidenced by the pictures below (I like to have pictorial evidence that the warmer seasons do actually exist in Chicago, especially during the other 9 months of the year when they don't).

Pretty tree outside my apt. building

Millenium Park at lunch time

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  1. I do not believe for one moment that your God given talent for writing isn't worth anything! You just haven't found your niche yet But You Will! I believe that and I believe in you and your incredible talent!