Thursday, June 11, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Since I didn't get a chance to do it on Facebook.

1. I find travel guidebooks tyrannical.
2. I have never understood American football.
3. I hate winter.
4. I have no TV or cable, but still manage to watch a lot of TV.
5. I like to read odd news stories.
6. Joan Didion’s sentences make me happy.
7. I will always be a soap opera fan at heart.
8. I love to get new notebooks and journals.
9. Radiohead will always own my heart.
10. I can spend only an hour/hour and half in a museum.
11. I still think cheese is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.
12. I love to buy new notebooks and journals.
13. If there is one atom of cold to be felt in a room, it will invariably find me.
14. I have allegiance to only one sports team: the NY Yankees.
15. I don’t know what I’m doing once I graduate and I’m surprisingly upbeat about that.
16. I’m in love with Lake Michigan.
17. I can go months without eating ice cream, before a craving hits; then, once I indulge, I go another few months without it.
18. Ditto on chocolate
19. Laughing is my favorite activity.
20. As a Libra, I have a hard time hiding my emotions. This means if I’m pissed at you, you’re gonna know about it.
21. I’m addicted to buying shoes and handbags.
22. Tennis is my favorite sport to watch, but I’m loath to try playing it.
23. I’m one of those people who really need sunshine to be happy.
24. I’ve been obsessed with the music of Jamiroquai for the past 5 months and it shows no signs of ebbing.
25. I don’t know how to swim or ride a bike

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