Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've Got Your Flat Stomach Rule Right Here!

I need to rant for just a minute (ok, maybe a little more than a minute). I cannot be the only person who is sick and tired of seeing those flat stomach ads on every damned website I visit. If I never have to lay eyes on the words "1 rule to a flat stomach: obey!" it will be too fucking soon.

First off, I hate the use of the word "obey." It has not escaped my notice that this word is always placed above a once-fat-but-newly-svelte woman. Obey. Because clearly that's the problem plaguing women, all of whom apparently need to lose weight - at least that's the assumption. And there's the ever-present assumption that fatties are too morally and emotionally weak to lose weight, so they must constantly be scolded like disobedient children. Until they get their (fat) asses in line and OBEY, fatties aren't entitled to respect and dignity.

This is the implication behind ALL diet literature - even when the diet isn't called a diet. If they make you feel bad enough about yourself, you'll be bullied into losing weight, damn the consequences to your metabolism and your psyche.

Having dieted, I know this is how all diet programs work. But something about these flat stomach ads sends me over the edge more than the average Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers shilling. Maybe it's the body objectification that SCREAMS "your self-worth is tied to the flatness of your stomach." We're not whole people anymore, we're slabs of flesh. Fan-fucking-tastic!

Maybe it's the fact that, once again, women are singled out as most in need of weight intervention, because heaven knows, we voracious females need to have our appetites reined in.

Or maybe it's the fact that just as some of us began challenging the notion that weight loss should be a lifelong obsession, the diet industry roars back with ads basically saying "screw you and your attempts to maintain self-esteem, regardless of your weight!"

It's true. At $55 billion a year, the diet industry isn't going anywhere. But then again, neither is the fat/body acceptance movement. So, here's my one rule I need the diet industry to obey - go fuck yourselves!


  1. AMEN! Amen, Amen, Amen! (Clapping & other wise hootin' & a hollerin')

  2. Not only is it the diet industry, it is the "fitness" industry which makes millions per year hocking the latest gadget that is designed to give you the best abs, or the best thighs. These companies never explain that certain people's bodies are just made a certain way, and that the average person can't have the "perfect body."