Monday, July 20, 2009

What's it called when race-based preferences benefit white men?

Oh right! When race-based preferences benefit white men, they're called the status quo. In today's NY Times columnist Ross Douthat scolds the proponents of affirmative action for perpetuating race-based preferences. He hopes affirmative action can be eliminated by 2028, because obviously, the entrenched and institutionalized racism and sexism that has been part of this country's history since its founding will all be over.

And he's serious, too, writing lines like this with a straight face.
As this generation rises, race-based discrimination needs to go. The explicit scale-tipping in college admissions should give way to class-based affirmative action; the de facto racial preferences required of employers by anti-discrimination law should disappear.
The best thing about this op-ed are the rockin' comments that follow it, because some of my everyday fellow Americans do an admirable job of ripping this dipwad a new asshole.

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